Jean-Mathieu Gervais dit le Parisien
and Jeanne-Françoise Ronceray .

Our ancestor Jeanne-Françoise Ronceray was born in Longueuil, but had married for the first time in Montréal on 29 December 1692 at the age of 22. This would be the first of three marriages. She and her husband Pierre Bètourné moved to La Prairie around 1699.

The couple had six children in their ten years of marriage before he died on 18 October 1702 just five months before his son Toussaint was born. He was 33.

A Large Family.

Jean-Mathieu Gervais, 25, would become the second husband of Jeanne-Françoise, 34, on 11 June 1708 in Montréal. The Bètourné children ranged in ages 5-14. They took up residence in La Prairie where his parents lived and there added 6 more to the family. Jeanne-Françoise was 44 when her last child was born, but little Marie was only two months old when she died in August 1718.

We descend from two of their children: Jeanne-Françoise born 15 October 1712 and Jean-Baptiste born 30 November 1714. They were teenagers when their father, Jean-Mathieu died on 5 September 1730 at the age of 47.

A Third Marriage.

And so it was that Jeanne-Françoise married for a third time on 14 May 1742 in Longueuil. François Lanctôt, as it happens, is also an ancestor of ours, though this couple did not have any children together. It was his third marriage as well, the youngest of his 14 children was 14 years old. They were married 19 years.

Jeanne-Françoise died in Longueuil at the age of 86 on 26 February 1761. François Lanctôt, 77, passed away a year and a half later on 26 November 1763.

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