Jacques Boutin dit LaRose and
Angélique Bernard.

In 1681.

Two years were added to his age, but it is our ancestor Jacques who is found as a domestique in the home of Noël Langlois. His mother died four years previously. Jacques, 12, labored alongside Guillaume Poncet, 21, for Langlois and his wife and 3 children. Noël's father was an early settler in the area and his farm was a sizeable 40 arpens.


Jacques, 22, and Angélique Bernard, 18, were married on 20 June 1691 in Charlesbourg. They moved to LaPrairie-de-la-Magdeleine by 1702.

The couple had six children, including our ancestor Suzanne-Angélique who was born 12 May 1704. They stayed in that area, though some children were baptized in Lachine and in Montréal.

At the End.

Angélique died at the age of 72 on 5 May 1745 in La Prairie. Jacques was 80 at his death on 9 May 1750.