Boutin Family.

In France.


Jean Boutin, the son of Pierre Boutin and Perrine Soulard, claimed to be from the small village of Bougneau located southeast of Saintes, Saintonge. But his family was soon associated with Brouage on the coast.

Though the port has long since silted over the city had earned distinction from Cardinal Richelieu as a Catholic friendly port protected by a fort in 1627 to counter the stronghold of Protestants in La Rochelle just to the north. Historically the town’s salt marshes contributed to its economy, salt being so important in the preservation of food.

On 5 October 1631 Jean married Marie Daniaud, the daughter of Christophe Daniaud and Anne Gillet in Notre-Dame de Brouage. His parents had passed away by then.

Jean and Marie’s children included three sons, Adrien baptized on 15 April 1633, Hélie on 21 January 1636, our ancestor Jean on 13 November 1639 and a daughter Louise on 30 May 1644. They remained in France, but their son Jean immigrated to the New World.

Jean Boutin dit LaRose.

Jean (the son) took the dit name of LaRose. He signed a contract in La Rochelle on 23 March 1656 trading his services for passage to New France. Four years in, he affirmed his Catholic faith before Monsignor François de Laval along with 65 others including our ancestor Marie Riton and Jean Baillargeon in Notre-Dame de Québec on 24 February 1660.

By 1661 his term of service concluded and Jean was free to take a wife.