Laurent Seguin
and Marie Massieu.


His Family in France.

Laurent Seguin and Marie Massieu were married on 14 July 1643 in église Saint-Brice-et-Saint-Leu in Cuigy-en-Bray, Picardie. He was the son of Pierre Seguin and Françoise Demeslier of Hodenc-en-Bray, she the daughter of Adrien Massieu and Louise Landry.

Their first child, our ancestor François, was born 4 July 1644 and baptized in église Notre-Dame et St-Aubin in the village of Saint-Aubin-en-Bray. (It was in this church that members of the Association des Seguin d'Amerique later placed a commemorative plaque in his honor.) In their daughter's baptism record in Jaméricourt, a village to the south, Laurent was said to be a clerc.

Four other children were born in Jouy-sous-Thelle, where François grew up. The cluster of small hamlets was located east of Rouen.

The Route to Boucherville.

François was a young man of 20 when he shipped overseas to answer the King's call to help defend the French colony in North America. Like our ancestor François Pinsonnault dit LaFleur, he was attached to the Saint-Ours company. Soldiers adopted "dit" names, an alias, and he came to be known as François Séguin dit Ladéroute. His company sailed on La Justice, arriving in Québec 14 September 1665. During the brutally cold winter of the Little Ice Age they were billeted in Sorel.

Upon the completion of their mission a few years later, the men were encouraged to remain in Canada. About one third of the 1200 soldiers originally deployed took up the offer of land to stay, François, among them. On 14 September 1671, François leased a parcel from Robert Henry in Boucherville, already populated by our ancestors Antoine Daunay, Louis Robert, and Jacques Ménard. He agreed to clear two arpents a year and would receive the use of a house in the village.

Back in France, François' parents had moved north to Senantes, Picardie. His mother Marie Massieu died there 12 February 1677 at age 58. His father Laurent lived to age 80, passing on 22 November 1706, two years after the death of his son in the New World.