2. From Straberg to Chicago.

Harry Snow's Family.

Harry's father Martin was born in Straberg (later Straberg Dormagen) in Preußen on 25 July 1843. The region was entering a tumultuous period with the German wars of unification, pitting Prussia and Austria in a struggle for dominance. To the north, Denmark prevailed in the First War of Schleswig in 1851.

Johan Schnee and his family boarded the Francis B. Cutting in Antwerp, Belgium and arrived in New York on 11 November 1856. He was a 45 year old farmer according to ship records. His wife, 42 year old Marie, 11 year old son Martin, 9 year old son Anton, 6 year old son Werner and 6 month old daughter Anna traveled in steerage, bringing 3 chests filled with their belongings. They ultimately settled in Chicago, Illinois. His sister Agnes, her husband and children made the Atlantic voyage with him.

Origins in Rheinland.

Johann Schnee, born 15 October 1803, and Anna Maria Gertrude Birkhoven were married on 8 April 1842 in Dormagen on the Rhein north of Köln (Cologne). She was the daughter of Clara Birkhoven, and was born 11 June 1815 in Delhoven.

The couple had seven children born in Straberg: Martin, Anna Maria (1844-1847), Johann Gerhard (1846- ), Gottfried (1849-1851), Werner (1851-1925), Sophia (1853- ), and Anna (1856-1923). Two died young and only four of the remaining five are listed in the ship records, including an "Anton" whose name does not match any of the birth records found. In a 1944 Proof of Heirship for John Schnee's cemetery plot at St. Boniface only Martin, Werner, John Jr. and Anna were named as his children.

Ancestors of Johann Schnee.

I. Martin Schnee was born in Nievenheim on 11 April 1777 and died 28 December 1846. He married Anna Maria Fest 18 September 1803 in Straberg. Anna Maria was born 03 October 1779 and died on 19 August 1863. Their children included Johan and daughter Agnes born 7 August 1805, who married Constantin Wego (Weys).

Their parents were:

II. Johannes Schnee (Abt. 1742 - 20 February 1830) and Christina Kremer (Abt. 1754 -13 November 1800) married in Nievenheim on 11 April 1777.

Peter Fest (Abt. 1744 - 28 February 1817) married Anna Marie Freienberg (1848-1 January 1833) on 4 October 1775 in Nievenheim.

Their parents were:

III. Martin Schnee married Anna Catherine Tillman. In addition to Johannes, the couple also had a daughter, Christina, who married Henry Meurer on 24 Jan 1769.

Gottfried Kremer and Anna Margaretha Hecker married in Germany. Three children, including Christina, and her siblings Anna (1759) and Henry, who married Helena Amen 20 November 1781.

Mathias Fest (died 18 June 1786) married Elizabeth Brandt (died 22 February 1783). After Peter, they had four other children born in Nievenheim: Anna Maria, 1747; Henry, 1750; Johannes, 1753; Henry, 1761.