Paul Mondou (II).

Marriage to Marie-Josephte Surprenant.

Paul Mondou was 23 when he married the 27 year old Marie-Josephte Surpenant on 17 February 1794 in Longueuil. Their first child, a son, was named Paul after his father and grandfather. Our ancestor was born 17 January 1795 in Longueuil and baptized the following day.

They had eight children though three died quite young. At the birth of Jean-Baptiste in 1804 Paul was said to be a voyageur, which typically referred to one who paddled a canoe to the west to trade goods for a bounty of furs for his employer. Two years later at Charles' birth he claimed to be a journalier or day worker.

The family was in LaPrairie from about 1802. Son Paul married our ancestor Marie-Geneviève Poupart during the War of 1812. Paul (senior) died at the age of 52 on 23 March 1824 and was buried in the church cemetery. Marie passed away on 25 July 1846.