Antoine Vermet.

Fleury Vermet dit Asquet and Marie LeBlanc were Antoine Vermet's parents. He was born about 1636 in the parish of Saint-Nicaise in Arras, Artois, France.

There is lack of clarity in the records as to how and when he arrived in Québec. According to some sources he was part of the Régiment de Carignan-Salières, eight companies sent by the Louis XIV from La Rochelle to defend the settlements in Canada from attacks. He was known by the dit name of either LaForme, or as LeValon in the records of Grandfontaine's company. That group arrived late in the summer of 1665 and was stationed in Québec over the winter. Our ancestor Mathieu Gervais dit Le Parisien also served in this company.

He, like many of the company, joined la Confrérie du scapulaire de Mont-Carmel. The brotherhood wore a brown scapular in devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. The scapular itself is composed of two square brown pieces of cloth attached by a cord and worn around the neck to hang in the front and back. As a member of the order, he vowed to seek a path of faith, hope and love seeking salvation with Mary's help.