Famous Unrelated Petelles.

Pierre Pétel of Picardie.

Two Pierre Petels emigrated from France to Québec in the 18th Century. Though they were unrelated, some try to merge the men as one, or erroneously claim a father-son relationship between them. The mystery is easily solved by reading the marriage records.

Our ancestor Pierre Petel was born 17 October 1718 in Normandie, the son of Louis Petel and Jeanne Legros. He married Barbe Vermet in 1746. They did have son named Pierre who was born in 1748. The elder Pierre died in 1751 near Québec City.

The other Pierre Petel was the son of Jacques Petel, a vigneron or wine maker, and Marie Anne Dutillois. He was born in 1735 in Picardie. On 23 April 1755 this Pierre signed a three year contract with Charles Vincelotte, captain of the ship le Solide out of La Rochelle, for service in Québec. He was a cuisinier, or cook, when he left France.

Young men would typically fulfill their indenture commitment before taking a wife as was the case with Pierre before his marriage to Rose Calvé, daughter of Françoise Calvé and Marie Bigras. The ceremony took place in Montréal on 18 February 1760. Records were located for seven children, most died as infants: Rose died 24 May 1760, Jean Baptiste on 19 August 1761. Baptisms were recorded for Antoine on 3 December 1762, Louis on 25 August 1765 and Marie Rene on 22 October 1769. A son named Pierre was buried 23 September 1771 and Marie Angelique was buried at the age of 13 days on 29 June 1772.

This Pierre Petel died 11 May 1794 in Montréal at l'hôtel dieu at the age of 60.