Famous Unrelated Petelles.

Just for fun other Famous Unrelated Petelle's include:

A story from book dealer Charles Petelle which involves three Petel brothers, priests, who had to flee France during the French revolution (1789-1799). A fourth brother, a Protestant, was the mayor of a seaside town and helped them escape. While the source of this legend is unknown, a record was found for at least one who did not get out: Jean Joseph Pestel, 49, conspired with Carmelite friars and was condemned to death. He was executed by guillotine 5 thermidor an 2 (about July 1794) of the calendrier républicain français. These events occurred about 50 years after our ancestor had immigrated to Canada.

Pierre Petel, married Marie-Alexandrine Dumas (1831-1878) on 4 May 1856 . Her father was the French author Alexandre Dumas, père, whose works included The Count of Monte-Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

George Petel, a contemporary of the Flemish Baroque painter, Peter Paul Rubens, was born about 1601 in Bavaria. He was a renowned ivory carver.

Clifford Petelle of Vermont, served as a pallbearer at the funeral of President Calvin Coolidge, per an article found in the Chicago Tribune in 1933.

Two lakes in Québec, Canada bear the name: Lac Petelle located north of Québec City is touted for anglers, and the other is Lac Pétel north of Sept-Îles.

One can drive on Rue Pétel [Petel Street] in the southwest of Paris, France.