More About the Children of
Narcisse and Edesse.

Page 2.

Sometime in the 1960's a cousin provided our ancestor Walter Joseph Petelle with a birth record listing eight of Narcisse and Edesse's ten children. The hand written data was recorded in a notebook, herewith a copy of "Page 2". Though not all the information coincides precisely with that found in church records it is a revealing source. On the left edge of the paper, parts of the facing side of the note book tease us with the potential of more information.

Who has the original copy of these pages? Was the information extracted from a Petelle family bible? References to such a bible exist in correspondence between Walter and his cousins…

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Three of Narcisse and Edesse's ten children did not live past early childhood. They are:

Marie Marguerite Edesse Petelle (1852-1854)... first child listed in the record above. She was born the 21st of March, 1852 and baptized the same day in La Nativité de la B-V-M de LaPrairie. Mathilda Mondou, her godmother, was her maternal aunt, and she signed her name in the church register. The child was a toddler when she died on the 22nd of May 1854 in Montréal (perhaps seeking treatment?), and was buried the next day in La Nativité's cemetery in LaPrairie.

These two boys were not mentioned in the list above:

Paul Alexis Petelle (1858-1858)...

… was born in Montréal on October 9, 1858 and baptized the next day in Notre-Dame de Montréal. His godparents were his uncle Paul Pétel and Paul's wife Zoé Primard. Their fourth child, he died nine days later on October 18, 1858.

Charles Joseph Samuel Petelle (1859-1861)...

… their fifth child, was baptized in Notre-Dame de Montréal November 11, 1859. His godparents were his aunt Salomé Petelle and uncle Charles Charbonneau (aunt Mathilda Mondou's husband). He appeared in the 1861 census with his family in Montréal, but died a few months later on November 14, 1861.