François Maudou.

Marriage to Marie-Anne-Philippe Danis.

François and Marie-Anne were married on 22 November 1724 in Saint-François-du-Lac. The small community was perched on the edge of Lac Saint-Pierre where the Saint-Laurent and Saint-François rivers meet. By 1728 they had moved about seven miles south west to Yamaska.

The couple had 11 children over the course of their 34 year marriage. Our ancestor Paul was the ninth, born 18 May 1738 in Yamaska.

Both died in Yamaska. François did not live to see the outcome of the French and Indian War which broke out in 1754. He died at age 62 in 1758 leaving Marie-Anne as witness a year later to the destruction of Saint-François-du-Lac by a provincial company out of the British colony of New Hampshire known as Rogers' Raiders.

The Mondou family settled on the Yamaska River; the Abenaki were on the St-Francois River

The Abenaki who lived there assisted the French in the war and a number of raids on the British had originated from the settlement. By some accounts about 140 soldiers slaughtered the population of largely women and children and burnt the town to the ground.

Marie-Anne was 53 when she died in 1760, two months after the surrender of Montréal to the British.