René Danis and Marguerite Forcier.

René was born in 1679 but was not mentioned in the census taken two years later.

On 25 January 1705 he signed a contract before the notary Michel Le Pailleur laying out the terms of his marriage to Marguerite Forcier. After the posting of the three banns, the couple wed in Montréal. His older brothers Jean and Honoré stood witness.

Often a man’s trade is mentioned in marriage or birth records, but that tidbit is absent from his. After the birth of their daughter Anne, our ancestor, in Montréal the couple settled in Saint-François-du-Lac, Québec.

Anne married François Maudou in 1724 and her sister Geneviève married his brother Étienne in 1735.

The older couple perhaps moved with their daughter and her husband to Yamaska where René Danis died on 15 Jun 1757 at age 78. Marguerite Forcier followed him on 3 May 1761.