Jacques Pinsonneau.

Marriage to Marie-Élizabeth Bourassa.

Jacques Pinsonneau was thirty years old when he married the 17-year-old Marie-Élisabeth Bourassa on 21 July 1712 in LaPrairie. Like his father he was a cultivateur or farmer and with his siblings would receive an equal portion of his parents' farm in 1722 in return for providing them with a small pension to live.

Jacques and Élisabeth had 14 children, though five died when they were babies. Our ancestor René was born 23 May 1724.

An earthquake rocked the region in 1732, damaging over 300 homes across the river in Montréal, toppling chimneys in its wake. About 5.6 magnitutude, it struck around 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 16th and is considered to be one of the three largest ever to strike in the Québec zone.

Changes Afoot.

Jacques was 72 at the onset of the French and Indian War in 1754. This was the same year his son René married a woman in Saint-Philippe.

The Pinsonneaus saw the fall of Montréal in 1760 and the British assuming rule over their land.

Élizabeth Bourassa died at age 71 on 20 November 1766. Jacques Pinsonneau saw his 91st year before he died on 19 March 1773.