Paul Lériget sieur de La Plante.

Twice Married.

Paul Lériget used sieur de La Plante that he inherited from his mother Andrée Mesturas' family. He was living in the village of Chez-Chadiat when he married Jacquette Bosdin. She was the daughter of Jacques Bosdin and Marie Moreau. Their marriage contract was written by the notary Dufouilloux and signed on 20 July 1653. The civil contract was always a first step taken prior to the actual marriage by the church. No children were found for this union and it is likely Jacquette died within a few years.


His second marriage, to our ancestor Mauricette du Souchet, was attended to by the notary Grassin on 2 September 1660. She was the daughter of Jean du Souchet sieur de Bourg and Marguerite de Lavalade. Birth records were found for two children. A son, Piere born 13 October and baptized 16 October 1661. And a daughter, Suzanne, born 10 October 1670 in Saint-Claud.

No record has been found for our ancestor, Clément, therefore his parentage (that is to say, his mother) is determined based on his age at death. He died in 1742 at age 80, indicating he was born in 1662 and therefore Mauricette was his mother.

To New France.

According to Jean-Marie Ovrard the family name is all but extinct in France, but preserved by Clément when he established the line in the new world.