Pierre Lériget sieur de LaFaye.

Pierre Lériget and Louise Thuet.


Pierre was a merchant in La Rochefoucauld like his father. He married Louise Thuet (also known as Ludovique Huet) about 1582. She was the daughter of Pierre Thuet and Julienne Moulin de Mérigots.

The term bourgeoisie is applied to those who lived in a city and had certain rights and privileges that were not shared with the peasantry. They were by and large the merchants and skilled craftsman. They had some wealth, in some cases rivaling that of the nobles. Peasants were for the most part unskilled and resided outside the city.

  • Jean ...born 13 October 1583, became a priest, died 21 November 1634. Jean received his robes (the surplice) on Palm Sunday 1596 and later that year had his head shaved in the tonsure-style where the crown of the head is shaved leaving a circle of hair. His first mass was celebrated 21 December 1602. He was the parish priest at Bunzac upon his death in 1634.
  • Roch, sieur de LaFaye ...born 25 December 1585, married Marie Dulignon in 1615, died 16 December 1648. His grandson Jean-François Lériget sieur de la Faye was a member of les mousquetaires (the Musketeers) for a time. He was an art collector and wrote poetry. He served as a diplomat for King Louis XIV. Jean-François was a second cousin to our ancestor Clément Lériger.
  • Jeanne ...born 1 October 1588, married the praticien Elie Boutard, died at age 24 on 14 February 1613.
  • Pierre ...born 1591, became a priest after training in the college of Montargent in Paris 9 March 1605. He was the arch priest at Saint-Projet. Pierre died at age 25 on 11 April 1617.
  • Antoine, our ancestor ...1593
  • Simon ...born and baptised 25 February 1595, he died “le jour de la Saint-Barnabe” (11 June) 1597
  • Jeanne ...born 6 March 1598 and baptized the next day, she was called la jeune (the young).
  • Marie ...born 13 August 1600 and baptized two days later. She married Jacques Secheres, sieur de Montauban.
  • Jean, sieur de L'Archier...born 1605

Pierre died 12 August 1610. Louise passed away in 1616 and was buried on 30 January “after having received the sacraments of the church prescribed for all good Christians... and was buried close to her spouse” in Notre-Dame de La Rochefoucauld.